If You Struggle with Long Losing Runs Winning Favourites Will Turn Your Betting Around

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Proofed Bets July 1st to September 30th 2021

Betting is a Mental Game

It doesn't matter if big priced value bets win in the long run because if most punters give up during the inevitable losing runs they won't be there for the big winner when it comes.

I've been around betting all my life and I know that you have to get value prices about your bets to win over the long term.

But what I hear less often is that there is value to be had in shorter priced selections.

Fact is your bets don't have to be double figure prices to be value, they just have to have more chance of winning than the price available suggests.

Value Bets = Long Term Profits

In simple terms if a horse has a 50/50 chance of winning then you just need to back it at bigger than Evens and you will have made a value bet.

Rob Reed knows that if you start your search for value bets at the head of the market that you will find value and you'll find value bets with a high strike rate!

Value Bets with a High Strike Rate

In fact while he's been proofing his selections to the 100's of members of On Course Profits he's maintained a strike rate of 50%. 

His longest losing run was five, could you tolerate five losers in a row to achieve long term profits.

Longest Winning Run = 6

I think we all could and by the way the longest winning run was six!

35% Of Favourites Win

Over the last 10 years there have been 88,921 clear favourites run in the UK and 35.19% of them have won.

If you had bet all of them you would have only lost 2.69% ROI most losing punters drop much more than 2% of their turnover.

By focusing on the best value favourites Rob Reed has turned that around and in live proofing made a +13% ROI

Do You Have a Small Bank?

Best of all because of the huge strike rate you only need a small bank, the biggest draw down during the 3 month live trial was less than 9 points.

A 25 point bank would have been ample and the bank growth during the live trial was a huge 65.9% annualised that would be 263% try getting that at your high street bank!


Strike Rate


Return on Investment

3 month growth

Return on Capital

If You Want... 

  • To grow your betting bank fast
  • Long winning runs and short losing runs
  • A high strike rate
  • 1 to 2 bets per day
  • Regular payouts from your bookie

Then Try Rob Reed's Winning Favourites Today 

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